PMI 24

Model 143 Shovel Monitor Features

  • Continuously monitors operations, recording individual bucket data as well as number of trucks loaded, load time, payload per truck, wait time of trucks, down times and more.
  • Formats and records data on a thumb drive and/or via telemetry for further processing in the mine office with the Model 223 Report System.  All data can easily be transferred to Excel for additional analysis or reporting.
  • Easy installation with no need for downtime or air conditioning.
  • Includes internal battery back up with no loss of power due to AC power loss
  • Features 115 VAC, 45-400Hz, 1 Ampere or 24 VDC power requirement, and a sturdy NEMA-12 enclosure.
  • A fraction of the cost of most systems.

The Model 143 Shovel Monitor is a productivity monitor designed for electric or hydraulic loaders.  The system provides the operator with a display of truck load time, payload per truck, number of trucks loaded, and much more. Most importantly though it is fully customizable for mining operations and offers an intuitive and easy to use operating system for users. The Model 143 is a cost-effective option that provides reliable and accurate data for your operation. It is also easily transferable from machine to machine and is fully customized for your operation.

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